Welcome to the Unlimited Training Systems Family

Every day, people like yourself are looking for the best ways to become stronger, lose weight, gain muscle, drop body fat, or look good for the next summer vacation or wedding celebration.

Everywhere you turn, you are exposed to flashy advertisements, infomercials, or gimmicky marketing tactics.  Each promises you fast results, tells you what to look like, or what you have to do. 

Here is what they won’t tell you:

  • There is no one size fits all approach to nutrition or exercise.  Every person has a different approach, skill level, or intensity that works best for them.

  • There is no such thing as “the perfect body.” More muscle, less body fat, better health, bigger legs, stronger arms…everyone has different goals, and no one should be told what or how they should look. Train for your goals. Train for you.

  • You do not have to wreck yourself to have a good workout.  Smart programming, constant progression, and exercises tailored to your skill level and readiness will help you surpass your goals in the future far easier then “chasing the burn.”

  • Progress isn’t always easy. Hard work breeds success in the weight room. No one ever said getting stronger would be easy, but you train smart, and its not quite as hard.

  • Training can be fun.  Often times, we have this scary view of working out as it is something we “have to do” but when you find the right program for you, it can become something you truly enjoy.


At Unlimited Training Systems, many of the traits above describe how we put our programs together.

  • Individualized program to match every fitness level, age range, goal, and desire to work hard.
  •  Strength, performance, fat loss, muscle gain? We build options into every program to meet the goal you seek.
  • Gray, Red, Black.  With a system of progression for beginners to advance, we have built in progression systems to help manage your fitness level and goals.
  • Smart hard work. We teach you the difference between hard training and efficient training while giving you the tools to push to the edge of your comfort zone.
  •  A growing UTS family, challenges each and every week, and support network of members around the country to help you get better every day.



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