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How will we HELP YOU


here at UTS?

Have you ever been to those gyms where you get yelled at to "SUCK IT UP AND KEEP GOING!!" from the moment you walk in? 

Have you tried out the highest of intensity workouts, strict nutrition, and a scolding for not sticking to it...all within your first week?  

Over the last decade, we have worked with over a thousand clients. Besides handing out a ridiculous number of handshakes and cheesy jokes, we have given every individual the tools to stronger and hotter life, as we have some seriously scienced out trainers looking to provide you with the smartest AND strongest approach to programming.

We have worked with clients from all backgrounds and teach everyone to get strong as hell, avoiding unnecessary injury upping their overall level of AWESOME in various settings: Large Group Personal Training, Semi Private Personal Training, and Adult Athlete Training. 

We want to help you find success in training and create an atmosphere you can enjoy, while still keeping you healthy. Sound like the place for you? Give it a try: 

Our first ever “8 weeks of boom” Large group training program begins in january 2019, are you in?

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Why Do Our Programs Generate Awesomeness?


Because #gainz, fat loss, big time strength, marathon endurance, booty of the gods, quads of doom, vice grip to crush your enemies...or maybe you just want to gain some athleticism to showcase on the weekends.

Listen, the training landscape is changing. Group training is happening more and more. BUT, just because you are seeing a shift to training in an awesome atmosphere of people trying to level up in life just like you, DOES NOT mean we have to throw out all the awesome parts of personal training.

Enter Large Group Personal Training at UTS. Everybody has their own program, their own assessments, and their own goals, BUT, you learn to dominate that program with 8-10 other UTS family members and a couple highly skilled coaches.  

Result: Awesomeness. 

"Phenomenal gym. Worth every penny spent there. They work hard to make sure you feel important and work with each individual client with any issues they have. You won't find a more committed gym owner than Blake Denny, and it shows."

— Eldon "Eldorado" English, Best Debater at UTS

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Every Person Has a Story...and a Path.

I think one of our favorite things about how we approach training at UTS is the various paths every client has taken to get here, but also the path to success they have once they get started.

We have clients with a long list of injuries that just can't seem to find a program on which they stay healthy, that have been training pain free for years.

We have strong lifters coming to us with years of experience, that not only take their current strengths to new heights, but also learn new, efficient ways of progressing.

We have clients who have never touched exercise in their life, become every week consistent attendees excited to make monthly progress. 

We have some clients trying for muscle gain.

We have others looking for pure strength.

We help various people dominate the endurance game.

We guide many on a path to weight loss.

Point of the post: we don't peg you into a specific program that WE like. Instead, we find one YOU like (and need). 


How to DOMINATE life at UTS:

Eight fun facts 


1. Let us help you find your starting point, whether that is first time lifting or a professional athlete.

2. Open your mind to a new place, new people, and new approaches to helping you dominate your own fitness.

3. Try and hit three times per week of strength training to find your consistency with our programs.

4. Try and increase your reps, increase your weight, increase your difficulty, decrease your rest, or increase your tempo with each workout or phase. 

5. Let our team of coaches guide you on when to push and when to back off. 

6. Say hey to and support a fellow UTS family member. Lift others up.

7. Embrace your individuality, both in your programming and in your interactions at our home. 

8. Stay awesome, become 1% better every day.