Superhero Development Programs: 12 Weeks of Developing the Athlete


 Its your offseason, and you are ready to develop as much strength as possible before your practice schedule ramps back up. Diving deep into power development and trying to take just one step farther every chance you get.

Its pre-season, and you are ready to train the specific power, speed, and conditioning necessary for your upcoming season. The hope being that you can walk into Day 1 ready to dominate.

Its in-season, and your goal is to stay healthy, reduce possibilities of injury, and maintain as much strength as possible so you enter your offseason not having lost a step.

Four training blocks over twelve weeks prepares every young athlete in our programs for all of the above. Click the link below to learn a little bit more.


Long Term Youth Development Programs: How We Develop Monsters

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Anyone can hit one awesome workout. Learning a new skill is pretty cool. Putting up big weight from time to time is admirable.

Its one thing to do the above for 12 weeks.

But, consistency wins, and for the athletes that hop on board for our long term athlete development programs, they learn exactly what it means to not only walk the walk over the long haul, but they learn that this is about more than performance, more than just your sport, this is about setting you up for life.

Learning to ebb and flow over the year with the demands of your schedule, the ups and downs of how your body feels, and ultimately hitting huge long term goals. Check the link below for more information on how to apply for our growing program.

Special Strength: Speed, Agility, and Power Development Programs in Partnership with Priority1 Athletics and TonyGunslinger GridIron Football

Photo Credit: Tammy Davis Kregel

Photo Credit: Tammy Davis Kregel

The yearly schedule gets pretty crazy for the middle school and high school athlete.

Between multiple sports, weekly practices, school work, and trying to improve skills, it is difficult to fit it all in.

But often times, the most missed aspects of development in the youth athlete are the foundational speed, agility, power, and strength needs. Athletes tend to go after the specific skills first and foremost before developing the foundations necessary to dominate in competition.

We recognize the hard times of trying to train on these programs year round (although we highly recommend it), so in partnership with incredible skills coaches of Knoxville, we have developed our Monster Athlete Speed and Power Programs…