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Internship Program

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 What is the Coach in Training Internship program?

If you are not learning, you are falling behind. A growth mindset is something that stands as a core tenant of the success of the UTS Team and the ability to work with hundreds of awesome humans looking to level up their life.

When we decided four years ago to launch our very first internship program, it was with the sole intent to find inquiring minds looking to not only level up their own education in this ever changing fitness world, but it was to seek out someone to help our team grow.

I truly feel that during your 12 week experience with Unlimited Training Systems, you will not only upgrade your ability to coach and deliver quality programs, but you will learn some of the most important pieces to delivering amazing service in a field that needs it.

Over the course of your time hanging out with our #UTSFam you will be inside the 202 with regularity, thrown into working directly with our community of awesome humans, young and younger. Leading and assisting sessions, attending team meetings, and receiving week by week educational lessons from our director and incredible minds in our extended network.

In an industry that sometimes becomes a bit murky in misleading advertising, questionable training practices, and intimidating coaching, we hope to show you light at the end of the tunnel, and lead you to bigger opportunities in the field.



What makes this different from other internships?

A full course Meal

This is more than simply cleaning bathrooms, “walking the floor”, shadowing other trainers, and learning “3 Ways to Make a Sale.”

This is a 12 week crash course in all things culture, communication, and coaching strategy necessary to crush life in the fitness industry.

Every week is an opportunity to deep dive with some of the best in the industry on functional anatomy, coaching delivery, and client care.

Daily client experience

From day one, you will be thrown right into shadowing our coaches working with hundreds of #UTSFam. From youth athletes to adults, post rehab to sports performance, there will be an opportunity to assist (and lead!) group classes, personal programming sessions, and lift and learn seminars.

Growth mindset

It begins two weeks out from your first day. Functional anatomy, programming deep dives, client case studies, and an opportunity to work alongside and speak with the best of the best in the training industry.

You will work closely with the entire staff in weekly team meetings, understanding the value of communication and culture within our business.

Every month you will receive an opportunity to speak with some of the biggest minds in the physical therapy, strength and conditioning, and medical world via UTS In-Service days.



 What will I be doing?

All coaches in training will commit to a weekly schedule availability between 10-20 hours that includes minimum one weekend day, early mornings, or late nights.

Your main responsibilities as a coach in training will be:

  • Training on the floor 6-15 hours per week

  • Meeting with the director of education for one hour per week to go over your online education requirements and help guide you in the process

  • Meeting with one of our training team to go over everything from UTSFam Warmups to program transition and oh so much more.

  • Shadow our training team in semi-private group, personal programming, and youth development sessions.

  • Lead your very own semi-private group class (up to 10 UTSFam) and youth development sessions.

  • Attend weekly team meetings on Wednesdays at 2PM (times may vary)

  • Connect with our UTS Family via email, social media, and member experience events.

  • Present an end of term presentation and paper detailing your experience with UTS and how you plan to apply it to your future hopes and dreams.

What are the dates?

  • The next team of coaches begins May 28th-August 17th (Application Deadline: May 18th)

  • The Fall Program for begins August 27-November 17 (Application Deadline: August 1st)

 Frequently Asked Questions:

What qualities are you

looking for?

Most of the candidates in this program need a basic understanding of anatomy with 1-3 years of coaching experience in a personal training or group class setting. While not the deciding factor, having at least one nationally recognized certification can help.

However, we are looking for candidates that are passionate about fitness and learning as much as humanly possible in 12 weeks.

All candidates must be legally allowed to work in the United States.

Is this

a paid


Yes, we arrange payment based on the time commitment available and will discuss in detail in initial intake meetings!

What is expected of me

during this


In addition to the on the floor training experience and face to face meetings listed above, every program attendee is expected to complete an online course we have put together that requires 1-2 hours of work EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Each module of the course will have material from a variety of subjects pertaining to coaching, communication, anatomy, and more with one piece of reading content, audio/video, and and interactive (you get to video yourself completing exercises and teaching concepts!). You will be writing or presenting at least once per week.

^As you can see, this is a highly involved course…because edumacation.

Will i get hired full-time after being in this program?

There is always an opportunity for this. Seeing as we now hire permanent positions exclusively from our intern training programs, it is a real possibility.

However, keep in mind that this does not guarantee an opportunity to join the training team. You will receive many of the skills and expertise necessary to crush life nearly anywhere in the fitness industry.




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 When can I apply?

Right meow. We are currently accepting applications for all of our programs.

Here is what you will need:

  • Your resume (.pdf format)

  • 2-Minute Video sharing what you hope to get out of this experience and what you bring to the team.

  • 2-minute video coaching and demonstrating a squat

  • 2-minute video coaching and demonstrating a hip hinge