We care. a lot. 


When you combine awesome people eager to learn, 
trainers with a highly detailed skill of coaching, and programs geared for people from every walk of life, you get what we call: 

 "Boom. Awesome." 


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Because this is under construction, we just want you to know, we are pretty cool...and we would love to have your also cool self as part of the family. 

More than a workout

Since 2011, there is something that has set us apart from all the rest...

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Is it our dedication to building the most detailed, progressive, and individualized programs possible?

Maybe its our top of the line coaching that ensures every client, from every background and skill level, is progressing at their pace with every step laid out for them. 

Or could it just be our ability to provide multiple programs for multiple goals with one of the most flexible schedules in town?


You see, we do all of the above, with regularity. But, we just believe that is part of what is expected of any good training team and exercise facility.

You see, what actually sets us apart is just how much we care, listen to, and respond to our clientele, both in our programming and our daily interaction. 

From helping clients through their experience with a prior injury, guiding a fellow #UTSFam on their weight loss journey, or simply helping them take down their biggest physical and mental goals, we are there for it all.

We are proud of not only who we are and what we have come from, but more than anything, we are excited for each and every #UTSFam that has walked through our doors. 

Educated tailoring and personalization,

...regardless of skill level, training age, or goals. With some of the top coaches in the industry leading the charge, we will help find your ideal path to results. 

Supportive and community driven programs

...that are focused on accountability, member to member interaction, and face-to-face guidance from our team. 

Effective, safe, and exciting workouts

....each of which help push you to your edge, overcome your limits, and stay safe throughout.  

Bonus: Over-delivery on all things fitness.