The Superhero athlete:

10 Week Summer Athlete development program

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Hey Parents,

If you have found yourself on this website, you are looking for the absolute best training possible for your kid, and the search can be a bit exhausting and overwhelming.

Because lets be honest, every single coach these days is demanding more speed, more power, more strength...

Its quite true and that every single young athlete needs all of the above, but they are either looking in the wrong places, or putting all their efforts in the wrong spots to achieve it.

In the days of Instagram and Youtube superstars looking to impress a big following, its easy to get lost in whats needed most for young athletes looking to progress: a solid foundation, and smart progression.

Speed and power has its roots in strength, and the ability to change directions or stop on a dime means learning control, footwork, and how to stop large forces in less than a second. 

Each of the following UTS athletes put the knowledge they gained in our programs to good use: 



 Photo Credit: Knox News Sentinel

Photo Credit: Knox News Sentinel


UTS Athlete Ques Glover was able to hit the weights heading into his Freshman year of basketball at Bearden High School. Three years and 35 lbs heavier, he now understands what strength means for his skills on the court. 

 Photo Credit: KVA 

Photo Credit: KVA 


UTS Athlete Shelby Wilkinson got to put her newfound strength and power to use when she supplemented her volleyball academy practice with our early athlete development programs. 

 Photo Credit: Jalen Steele

Photo Credit: Jalen Steele


UTS Alum Jalen Steele getting his first taste of playing professional ball overseas following nearly 3 1/2 years of training after an ACL injury brought him into our facility. 

How does each athlete become a superhero?

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I believe this is where we are supposed to tell you about our extensive use of ladder drills, high priced training equipment, and top of the line technology geared towards helping your young athlete excel in their sport...

Well, let me tell you what the Superhero Athlete Development Program really is. 

We are focused on helping every young athlete excel in their sport but it will be through:

  • Teaching every young athlete how to squat, hinge, push, pull, lunge, crawl, skip, sprint, and jump.
  • Building the foundational strength necessary to decelerate at high speeds and with pinpoint control.
  • Getting strong at all the movements that carry over to big time acceleration and speed.
  • Learning how positions, footwork, and mental strategy matter when it comes to change of direction mastery.
  • Creating an aerobic engine that allows the ability to go, go, go.

What exactly will each athlete receive in our Summer programs?

  • 10 Weeks of Sessions!
  • Full Intro to the World of Superheroes Workshop where we detail every aspect of our programs and what is expected of each athlete. 
  • 2-4 Full 60-75 minute performance sessions per week
  • The Feeding of Superheroes Education Program where we walk each young athlete through their nutrition now and into the future by going over 8 habits over 8 weeks with a full tracking system.  
  • Beyond the Superhero Education Program and Workshop. Life is more than sports, and for many athletes that go on to play in college and beyond we want to discuss the rigors of the schedule and demands of life beyond sport. 
  • Access to our Weekly Sunday mobility classes at UTS


What does a session look like?

What does a session look like (superhero athlete).png

What all goes into a session?

From the moment the young athletes walk into a session at UTS, something is getting done, and more is being learned. At its full length, a superhero athlete development session may take up to 75 minutes and consists of the following:

  • Daily reset drills and movement education to ensure preparation for the workout to come
  • Foam rolling, joint conditioning, and focused mobility
  • Dynamic warmup consisting of glute activation, heart rate elevation, and linear or lateral movement drills.
  • Speed development or Change of Direction progressions
  • Linear or lateral jumping progressions 
  • Introduction to Power series
  • Strength development focused on the big lifts and building a solid foundation
  • Core conditioning aimed at improving all aspects of core strength necessary to dominate their sport
  • Energy systems training with a goal to control resting heart rate and enhance recovery
  • High fives, encouragement, and true education of the whys behind what we do. 


I know, I know, all this sounds great, but what does it cost, and how do I get started...



What times are available and how much does it cost?

How much does superhero athlete cost?.png

although times can be added based on availability, the current session spots are as follows;

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday  @7PM,  (12 spots left) 
  • Tuesday, Thursday @6PM, Saturday at 11AM (8 spots left) 
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday @9am (New Time! 12 Spots left) 
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday @1PM (New time! 12 Spots left) 
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday @11AM (New time! 12 Spots left)
  • We also have Saturday and Sunday times that we use as makeup spots for any athlete that cannot make it during the week. 


This is a lot to get done in one session, and over 10 weeks, it can be a lot of progress...but what does it cost?

Early Bird Rate-Ends May 29

3 Sessions per week:

3 payments of $159


1 payment of $439

4 Sessions per week:

3 payments of $209


1 payment of $579


Standard Rate-Ends June 1

3 Sessions per week:

3 payments of $179


1 payment of $487

4 Sessions per week:

3 payments of $227


1 payment of $627


Premium Rate-Ends June 3 (only 3 session rates available) 

3 payments of $199


1 payment of $527



F.A.Q. Cover Page.png

Who the heck runs these programs?

Hi, my name is Blake Denny, owner of Unlimited Training Systems. An early lifetime of sports, 15 years of lifting, 11 years of training others, and 7 years of running Unlimited Training Systems, and here I am, building the first of its kind sports development program here in East Tennessee.

Over the last few years, I have been fortunate to work with athletes from all sports, backgrounds, and ages at both the amateur and professional level using my experience as a High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Youth Conditioning Specialist, and former strength coach for a high level volleyball academy.

All programs are written by myself, catered to the athlete, and led by me, in addition to my growing staff of awesome humans.

What all do we need?

A great attitude, a willingness to show up on time, ready to work, and a desire to earn. 

^Other than that, some active wear, and a towel if desired, we got you covered on the rest. 

How do we sign up!?

Well, glad you asked. Check out the links below: