30 Day, Money Back Guarantee


Sometimes, relationships don't always work out. And although it may break our big hearts, if you aren't getting a good workout, taking your exercise education to new heights, and genuinely enjoying our awesome presence, we will gladly give you your money back, no questions asked. Well, except, how can we help you find a place awesome FOR YOU. 

Semi Private Classes

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What if I said that you can have the equivalent of a 1-on-1 personal training program, train at nearly any time of the day, AND workout alongside awesome members of our #UTSFam at the same time?  What if I mentioned that you can have all that for rates that begin at just $18 per-class, and go down.

One of the things we recognize in every group training scenario is that almost every one in class is doing the same warmups, same workouts, same finishers, with some "indivualizations" thrown in. This is great in theory, but doesn't always yield the results every one is looking for. 

This is why, in our semi private class programs, we have managed to combine awesome people from various backgrounds, gender, and training histories into a crew of people sometimes chasing different goals and utilizing a different path.

In fact, after knocking out one of our 12-week foundational programs, we open it up for all kinds of fun, just take a look at the various programs we have running simultaneously at UTS HERE


Personal Programming Memberships

Even in our incredible class atmosphere and setup, we recognize that sometimes, certain UTSFam are gonna need a little extra attention. Or maybe you want to specialize even more, learn to crush heavy deadlifts, get highly specific with your fat loss, overcome an injury, or it could be you just find yourself intimidated by the larger group atmosphere.

That is perfectly fine, as we have once again taken something that typically costs an individual up to $75 and cut it in half, while still providing you a month by month program that walks you through all the steps to achieve your goals.  

This training setup enables you to workout alongside up to 3 other strong humans and rotate between our knowledgeable coaches to give you many viewpoints on your training.  With this approach, you are able to get highly individualized programs catering to your needs, while still enjoying the accountability of fellow.

Anyone who pays for semi-private training also receives some other perks including our online nutrition programming, access to all group classes, and more. 


Youth Development Programs

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Speed, power, strength, stamina...

^These qualities are expected of in so many athletes, but not often trained well, and usually skipped over in favor of specifics that they may not be ready for.

But, with our Superhero Athlete development programs, we combine them all into a program designed to progress from the very begining, and teach young athletes how each can enhance their sport specific skill and setup the body and mind for future fitness and health.


Monster Golf Development Program


Welcome to one of the most violent, complex movements in all of sports: the golf swing.

Control of posture, simultaneous hip and upper back rotation, violent hip extension, all combined with the coordination between eyes, hands and ball…but so many, when it comes to training for this, like to skip all the way past each component necessary to build the above.

Kids and adults, recreational to competitive alike, all find that joy in just trying to crush long drives.

But, as you will find out in our programs, it all starts with the foundational basics, and we help guide athletes from strong foundations to big time power, one step at a time.