Semi Private Personal Training

Results driven coaching. Science backed programming.Cost effective options.

With semi-private training at Unlimited Training Systems, you receive all of the benefits of one on one personal training without breaking the bank.Along with up to 3 other people per session, with Semi-Private personal training you will receive: 

  • Full Body Movement Assessment every 12 weeks to help determine starting point, progressions 
  • Bi-Weekly Body Composition Tracking 
  • 2,3, or 4 time per week training program including open gym for extra energy systems, mobility, or recovery work. 
  • Bi Weekly Nutrition Habit Tracking
  • The opportunity to improve your results whether you are seeking fat loss, muscle gain, performance, post rehabilitation, or just wanting to feel better.


Large Group Personal Training

Military style bootcamps. Insane home workout programs. Bodyweight programs promising big changes.

When you sign up for Large Group Personal Training at UTS, you aren't climbing on board a typical group training program. With a fitness level tier system based on your movement assessment, goals, and training history, we ensure you begin at your own starting point, not someone else's. 

Every month, you progress/regress through different phases, meaning every month you learn a new way to challenge your body and are constantly progressing. Sometimes this entails heavier lifting, new exercises, or faster tempo. Other times it may mean lighter loads, basic exercises, and timed circuits.  

Our staff at UTS, step by step, takes you through the progressions to become stronger, more mobile, and ultimately one day closer to your goals. Every single exercise has progressions, regressions, and alternatives suited for all skill levels, all limitations, and ultimately allowing you the highest level of individualization, within a group setting.

By signing up for Large Group Personal Training at UTS, you will receive:

  • Initial Movement Screen and Goal Planning Session
  • Body Composition Assessment
  • Your Own Programming Folder complete tracking sheets to log exercises, weights, sets, and reps completed along with any notes that would help our staff improve your program
  • 2,3, or 4 session per week training options based on your schedule, fitness level, and goals.
  • Group Bi Weekly Habit Tracking system to help you stay on the path to success with your nutrition and gym attendance/progress.
  • The accountability of the best member family in Knoxville.

Additional Services: