Semi-Private  Memberships

Even in our incredibly setup group training atmosphere and setup, we recognize that sometimes certain programming is gonna need a little extra attention. Or maybe you want to specialize even more, maybe learn to kill heavy deadlifts, get highly specific with your fat loss, overcome an injury, or it could be you just find yourself intimidated by/not enjoying the larger group atmosphere.

And that is perfectly fine, as we have once again taken something that typically costs an individual up to $75 a session to under less than half the costs, while still providing you a month by month program that walks you through all the steps to achieve your goals.  

This training setup enables you to workout alongside up to 3 other awesome #UTSFam and rotate between our awesome coaches to give you many looks and viewpoints on your training.  With this approach you are able to get highly individualized programs catering to your needs, while still enjoying the accountability of fellow fam and not having to sit and watch the same trainer awkwardly state at you for an hour.

Anyone who pays for semi-private training also receives some other perks including our online nutrition programming, access to all group classes, and more.