Monster Golf University Performance Seminar


Its difficult to find a more complicated, frustrating, yet painstakingly beautiful thing then the game of golf.  A rare combination of mental fortitude, supreme hand eye coordination, and raw power leads to a select few being the best of the best.

But, for many, maybe that's you, they simply want to swing a little better, hit the ball a little farther, and have the body stand up to the rigors of the game enough to play well into retirement, right?

What many who attempt this difficult game don't realize is that to hit the ball for more distance, improve one's accuracy, or even maintain consistency over a weekend, you must look at it from a different perspective than just more rounds, more buckets of balls, more golf tip magazines, or even more swing lessons. 

In our Golf Performance Seminars, we show you how we address the demands of the sport, overcome limitations of the body, and help to unlock the mobility, strength, and power necessary to improve at this sport. 


Over two hours combining lecture, case study analysis, and hands on training, you will learn the following: 



The Demands of Golf

Flexibility. Hand Eye Coordination. Strength. Power. Endurance. Etc.

Golf combines a variety of traits that are more than club positioning, wrist control, and hip turn.

What strength is needed to improve swing speed?

What aerobic development is necessary for a weekend tournament?

What exercises will help reduce injury?

In our presentation, all these questions will be answered, complete with case studies from our very own amateur and professional golfers. 



Assessing or Guessing?

No matter how many swing lessons you receive, rounds you play, or magazines you read, if you are not looking at the most common traits that cause typical swing faults than you will continue to spin your wheels and waste valuable practice time:

  • Internal/External Hip Mobility
  • Thoracic Spine Rotation
  • Thoracic Spine Extension
  • Core Stability
  • Ankle Mobility
  • Glute Strength
  • Upper Back Strength

In our assessment, you will go over 10-20 items affecting your golf swing and find out both where you can improve and how to do it. 


Golf Power!

Strength x Speed = Power

This applies to all sports, golf included.

You must learn to squat, hip hinge, push, and pull to develop the muscles necessary to create a stronger, faster, and more powerful swing. 

In our hands-on golf performance session, you will walk away learning the basics of our programs, including strength development, beginner power exercises, and progressions for future success.