Monster Golf Development program:

12 Weeks to less strokes, more yards, and a stronger body.

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One of the most important aspects of breaking down any training program is knowing the goals one is trying to achieve on it…

With every performance program, there are general and specific traits and needs that we are trying to satisfy in order to create the largest amount of progress.

What does that mean to us? We like to talk about performance programming with regards to four ways you can improve movement:

  1. Knowledge. Our goal here is to give the tools necessary to perform movements well, with competency, and with less thinking as you progress. Just as you may begin swing changes by addressing the foundational aspects, so do we with our initial programming. We want to both educate and guide you on all the main movements necessary to become A MONSTER ON THE GOLF COURSE.

  2. Variability. One of the biggest detractors of the golf swing, especially as you begin logging more rounds, longer years, is the ability to either maintain or increase range of motion and control. By focusing on giving you ranges of motion you can both control and operate efficiently in, we can help provide a framework for increased strength, higher power output, and ultimately, a decrease in injuries.

  3. Strength/Power. The bread and butter of every sport performance program is the strength and power training. Not to mention, in the golf world, this is WHERE THE MIND STAYS…MORE YARDS! Just as you cannot produce power without the pre-requisite variability needed, you can not increase driving distance without swing speed and power. For us, this means learning to build hip extension, then frontal plane control and finally…rotational power!

  4. Capacity. You know that feeling when you are crushing the first round of your tournament…then the heat goes up, pressure builds, and strokes add up. CAPACITY: the ability to sustain strength and power without sacrificing variability.



What does becoming a monster on the golf course look like?


Our goal in this program is to figure out where you need the most help from above. We begin general, and work to specific. By taking this approach, we can work our way down the path to first building quality movement, gaining more strength, developing power, and then, if needed, beginning to address specific movement limitations based on INTERACTION AND ADVICE FROM FELLOW SWING COACHES…


  • 2-3 Semi-Private classes per week, based on your schedule,goals, and where you are in the golfing season.

  • 45-75 minute workouts with movement drills, dynamic warmups, and development of all qualities mentioned above.

  • Access to our TrueCoach app in which we deliver daily movement drills aimed at improving mobility, overcoming limitations, and building up competencies in areas that need extra attention. We will INDIVIDUALIZE these movements the further we go into the programs. It will be delivered to your email each morning, or through a push notification on the app.

  • BI-WEEKLY EDUCATION. When you participate in one of the most movement specific sports in the world, it helps to know what you are trying to improve and why. Every other week, our last session will be a combination lift and learn, going over numerous components of the physical side of the golf game an the reasons behind your programming.

  • FACEBOOK INNER CIRCLE. We love interacting with our members as often as they need to get the most out of their programs. So, utilizing an online space for common questions, answers, and more interaction from your coaches will help you progress and meet others on the program.



What does a session look like?


What can you expect during your time?

From the moment the athletes walk into a session at UTS, something is getting done, and more is being learned. At its full length, a superhero athlete development session may take up to 75 minutes and consists of the following:

  • Every UTSFam is grabbing their folders or tablets to ensure they have their program ready to rock.

  • We start with a quick check-in of how you are feeling, how the last week has gone physically, and what you hope to achieve on your workout.

  • Positional resets aimed at preparing your body for the work to come.

  • Dynamic warm-up progressions to prime the body for success on the quicker, more powerful movements to come.

  • Power development, utilizing a variety of tools dependent on the individual.

  • Strength development focused on the big lifts and building a solid foundation

  • Core conditioning aimed at improving all aspects of core strength necessary to dominate yoursport

  • Energy systems training with a goal to control resting heart rate and enhance recovery. This becomes more and more tailored to the athlete and their sport the longer an athlete works with us.

  • High fives, encouragement, and true education of the whys behind what we do.


I know, I know, all this sounds great, but what does it cost, and how do I get started...



What does a session look like banner image.jpg

When can I train and what does the pricing look like?

The following times are tentatively (we adjust based on number of signups!) scheduled for our Winter Session:

  • Mondays and Wednesdays at 7PM

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5PM or 7PM.

  • Fridays at 4PM.

  • Saturdays at 7am or 11am.

  • Sundays at 3PM.

*More times are being added as requested by


This is quite a bit of information and training, how much will it cost?

2 Sessions per week:

Monthly payment (for 3 months) of $197 a month


Save 10% with one payment of $521!

3 Sessions per week:

Monthly payment (for 3 months) of $249


Save 10% with one payment of $709





Who the heck runs these programs?

Hi, my name is Blake Denny, owner of Unlimited Training Systems. An early lifetime of sports, 15 years of lifting, 11 years of training others, and 8 years of running Unlimited Training Systems, and here I am, building the first of its kind sports development program here in East Tennessee.

Over the last few years, I have been fortunate to work with athletes from all sports, backgrounds, and ages at both the amateur and professional level using my experience as a High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Youth Conditioning Specialist, and former strength coach for a high level volleyball academy.

All programs are written by myself, catered to the athlete, and led by me, in addition to my growing staff of awesome humans.

What all do we need?

A great attitude, a willingness to show up on time, ready to work, and a desire to earn. 

^Other than that, some active wear, and a towel if desired, we got you covered on the rest. 

How do we sign up!?

Well, glad you asked. Check out the links below:


 (18 Spots Remaining)