Special Strength: Speed, Agility, and Power Development Programs in Partnership with Priority1 Athletics and TonyGunslinger GridIron Football

Photo Credit: Tammy Davis Kregel

Photo Credit: Tammy Davis Kregel

The yearly schedule gets pretty crazy for the middle school and high school athlete.

Between multiple sports, weekly practices, school work, and trying to improve skills, it is difficult to fit it all in.

But often times, the most missed aspects of development in the youth athlete are the foundational speed, agility, power, and strength needs. Athletes tend to go after the specific skills first and foremost before developing the foundations necessary to dominate in competition.

We recognize the hard times of trying to train on these programs year round (although we highly recommend it), so in partnership with incredible skills coaches of Knoxville, we have developed our Monster Athlete Speed and Power Programsā€¦