Making a monster: Speed, Agility, and power

We all know that when it comes to life on the field or court, that skill matters. But oftentimes, those who can beat someone down field, change direction with the basketball better than the next, or simply overpower another end up rising to the top.

Skills matter.

But strength, speed, and power are IMPORTANT.

While developing all of the above year round is going to be the ticket to long term success, we also recognize the difficulty of competing sport and school schedules, managing how the body feels and the strength training necessary to help, and the budgeting that comes into play with making it all happen.

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welcome to the first team approach to making a monster in knoxville:


The Biggest qualities of a monster athlete: Speed, agility, and power

Where the magic happens. Big verticals. Pinpoint changes of direction. Strength that stands out. Every single athlete, if the ultimate goal is both performance AND injury reduction, needs this.

  • Teaching all about best positions for success.

  • Begin development of the biggest qualities of athletes: acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction.

  • Without strength, there is no power. We will open the door to bigger verticals and faster sprints.

Quarterback and receiver skills development

Coach Colston has tutored more than 100 of Knoxville’s top gunslingers as well as Over 200 quarterbacks from 37 states that have participated in the “Gunslinger QB Challenge”. If your athlete has the drive and interest in playing Quarterback or Receiver at the NEXT LEVEL, the Gunslinger Academy is the experience you’re looking for!


  • Proper Stance – Footwork

  • Throwing Mechanics – Pocket

  • Mobility – Drop Depth  – Chalk Talk

  • Coverage Read & Recognition  Routes vs Air – 1on1’s – Pass Skelly

  • Under Center and Shotgun

  • 1-step – 2-step – Quick 3 – Long 3  Quick 5 -Long 5 – Playaction 3/5/7 

  • Bootleg – Sprint


  • Stance & Start

  • Cone Drills Ball Drills -Foot Speed

  • Catching  Sticks – Top of Route – Balance  Speed Cuts – Routes vs Coverage – Double Move

  • Line – Squirt – Step Back –

  • Single/Double Sets

  • Man Press Different Levels

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Basketball Skills development

Priority 1 Athletics provides elite basketball training for players of all ages and experience. Our process begins with an individual evaluation, which allows us to develop a personally tailored basketball program for each athlete. Our mission is not to make the best player on each team, but to make each player the best that they can be. Priority 1 develops our athletes’ weaknesses and grows confidence in their strengths.

  • Shooting

  • Ball Handling

  • Footwork


Making a Monster: All About the Academy

*Four week academy begins January 6th

When is the next academy?

Our next academy launches JANUARY 6th with the first session at 2PM. The EARLY BIRD RATE ends by midnight on January 1st.

What times are available?

You will need to choose between the two following options:

Sunday 2PM and Wednesday 6PM

Tuesday 7PM and Thursday 7PM

Saturdays are for workout 2 of the week always at 11am.

Our open workout class time for those not in the Academy will be available on Saturdays as posted at various times. You can view that here.

What will I get?

Depending on your sport of focus, you will receive:

  • 8 Sessions with Unlimited Training Systems and Gunslinger Academy on Speed, Agility, and Power

  • 1 Complimentary Session with either Priority1 Athletics or Tony Gunslinger Quarterbacks/Receivers Skill Development

  • Ability to add on sessions with UTS, Priority1, or Tony Gunslinger at Discounted Rates.

can i drop in without purchasing the whole academy?

We believe that consistency and duration matter when it comes to athlete development, so you will not be able to pay for only 1 session of the academy.

However, Unlimited Training Systems will be offering “open workouts” on Saturdays at various times for $5 to any athletes wanting to come in lift and learn from Head Coach Blake Denny.

where do i sign up?

Just head here!