With each passing year, Unlimited Training Systems continues to develop its facility to fit the needs of its training family.  Beginning in a 484 square foot studio, and now having expanded into a incredible 9,500 square foot space, UTS has continued to provide more equipment, more space, and a setup that matches the top-level programming provided.

The grand opening for the new space is coming soon, and it promises to be one of the best looking facilities around:

  •  In addition to six squat racks, five sleds, numerous barbells, medicine balls, kettle-bells, and dumbbells, UTS is soon to be outfitted with over 8,000 square feet of elite field turf and rolled rubber flooring to provide durability, safety, and comfort.
  • 2,000 square feet of inset rubber lifting platforms, four squat racks, and plenty of accessories for a designated semi private/athletic performance training area
  •  A large, padded turf area to allow for comfortable, safe and efficient warm-ups for groups and individuals
  •  Just under 5,000 square feet of padded turf for speed, agility, and conditioning work for all members.
  • A power/conditioning area for athletes getting in plyometrics and post workout conditioning.
  •  Complimentary Wi-Fi and sitting area for kids looking to knock out some homework or adults hoping to get the last bit of work done before training.


 This is just the start, as Unlimited Training Systems owners and staff work hard each month to grow and improve what our facility has to offer.