Our “Top Training Tips for Newbies”: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our “Training Tips for Newbies” series. If you missed Part 1, or our Top Nutrition Tips to Crack the Code, give ‘em a look.

With consistency under your belt, the gym is your oyster, and options abound:

You are hitting 2-4 workouts per week. You are consistently working on improving your nutrition. Your strength has continued to climb. Your movement ability is growing. Your love for sushi and pizza has not subsided. But now, the gym has become your wonderful land of opportunity.

To quote Spiderman: “With great strength comes incredible F*$^king opportunities”... (or something like this).

Once you have entered farther into veteran status in the gym and built up improved levels of strength on the big lifts, your options now multiply. From increasing intensity in workouts to trying out more difficult exercises, to trying out random challenges, you can start venturing out into the world of variability and fun a bit more.

Now, this doesn’t mean we forget all that we learned above and forget about strength training, monthly progression, and smart workout design, but it definitely affords you the chance to change things up. In fact, with our veterans, changing approaches to be a bit more specific or dialed-in on certain training qualities (strength, endurance, power) may serve them well for leveling up their body composition or health goals.

The cool thing about improved strength levels or better movement ability is that you can now create faster, more intense workouts that may have left you worn out or spinning your wheels in the past. Create dedicated training blocks with this as the goal and you can start seeing another level of improvement.

Long story, short: Once you are a consistent training aficionado, you now possess the ability to shake things up by chasing specific training goals or movements.

Bonus: the higher the intensity, the more your lifestyle should be on lock

Back to Spiderman: “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

^Ah, the correct quote that aptly applies here. As your strength, endurance, and power ability grows, you possess the unique ability to push your body to its limits and experience some truly difficult workouts.

In doing so, recovery can become a bit more difficult...so things like sleep, nutrition, and good ole fashioned wonderful interaction with amazing people on the daily is important to ensure that the higher intensities and more difficult programming don’t leave you burnt out or injured.

Extra related bonus: making big changes to your body composition probably combines a jump in intensity (and on the rare occasion you can do without it) and definitely requires your nutrition to be on point (insert rare occasion of “perfect nutrition.”)

Now, with all this exciting knowledge, I hope you feel confident to go forth and prosper...in the gym.

Blake DennyComment